Measure the Efficacy of Your Defense-in-Depth architecture.

A Vulnerability Assessment identifies security holes in your computers, network, or communications infrastructure. Osage Cybersecurity, conducts Vulnerability Assessments to locate deviations from acceptable IT configurations, enterprise or local policies, assess your level of risk, and develop and recommend appropriate mitigation countermeasures.

Defense in depth protects your network by implementing a series of defensive mechanisms, so if one fails, another will deploy to stop a cyberattack.

Hackers are constantly searching for weaknesses in your IT system. They use a wide range of attack vectors. As a result, there’s no one method to protect your computer network. Vulnerabilities like misconfigured applications and missing security patches leave your system exposed. Criminals hope to exploit these weaknesses to steal your money and data.

Utilizing the strategy of defense in depth that includes Vulnerability Assessments will reduce the risk of a costly attack on your network.

Osage Security Experts will inform you about any weaknesses and provide direction on how to eliminate them. This reduces the chance that a hacker can breach your IT system. As part of our Vulnerability Assessment process, we will:

  • Identify any systemic security issues based on their analysis of vulnerability and configuration data.
  • Apply programming language structures (e.g., source code review) and logic.
  • Share meaningful insights into the context of your organization’s threat environment to improve your risk-management posture.
  • Apply cybersecurity and privacy principles to promote confidentiality, integrity, availability, authentication, and non-repudiation.
  • Analyze your organization’s cyber-defense status and compliance with regulations.
  • Conduct Penetration Testing on all your IT assets.
  • Prepare an audit report that explains our findings and provides remediation strategies and solutions.
  • Conduct ongoing reviews as appropriate for your environment.
  • Submit recommendations for cost-effective security measures to protect your information, systems, and processes.

Once complete, we’ll engage with your executive team and provide an unbiased and objective view to identify and correct cybersecurity risks and compliance demands. Finally, we’ll deliver a framework for continuous monitoring with real-time alerts of security events, to contain and resolve all threats.

To learn more about Osage Vulnerability Assessments, or to schedule one for your business, contact our analysts (225) 960-4941 or