Protect Your Corporate IT Assets With Patch Management Solutions From Osage Cybersecurity

Hundreds of thousands of routers, switches, firewalls, printers, computers, and other devices sit on the corporate network, unpatched and filled with potential security vulnerabilities, simply because they are not up-to-date with the current firmware version or software patch levels.

It’s true! Experienced hackers and cybercriminals know about this and they will exploit known vulnerabilities on all types of networking and computing equipment.  But you should not leave your company at risk simply because your IT department is too busy to stay on top of infrastructure patch levels. Upgrades and patches must remain up-to-date or your system is vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

How Does Osage Cybersecurity Protect Your Corporate IT Assets?

Osage Cybersecurity eliminates this risk because our cybersecurity engineers will ensure:

  • All required patch levels and firmware updates are up-to-date. Our engineers will develop a schedule to regularly check for new patches and firmware updates.
  • The Osage Cybersecurity audit and review process will ensure that all software updates and patches are completed and all network devices, including firewalls, switches, and the rest of your core infrastructure, is always current.
  • We’ll develop a complete technology security plan that ensures that “out of support” or “no longer supported” equipment and/or devices are retired from service and replaced with newer technologies.

Protect Your Core IT Infrastructure From Known Security Vulnerabilities

Why risk your corporate IT infrastructure because of a known security vulnerability?

Osage Cybersecurity specialists are trained and experienced technology security professionals who understand the importance of making sure all your core infrastructure is properly safeguarded and protected from all threats.

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