What if a cyber-attack were to occur at your company today? Do your employees know how to spot a phishing attack? Do they understand how ransomware works?

What if a request came down from the CEO for a large sum of money to be wired to another bank? Does your policy manual clearly outline how funds should be released when the CEO asks for a wire transfer?

The reason we’re asking is that more and more companies are now suffering attacks where a phony email comes from a top-level company executive asking for a large sum of money to be transferred overseas. Employees are not following the prescribed procedures to check the authenticity of such requests.

If they see the name of a CEO or CFO, they simply do as asked, only to later find out that the email was from a cyber-criminal.

Companies large and small should have detailed instructions and procedures in place to guard against this sort of thing happening.

Policies and procedures provide employees with a step-by-step set of instructions they can refer to when questions or issues arise. They should be trained to ask questions if uncertain about how to proceed … especially when thousands of dollars are at stake.

Osage Cybersecurity Assists Companies With Their Cyber Policies and Procedures

Ask yourself some important questions:

  • Who can share confidential information about your company’s operations? Who are they allowed to share this with?
  • Can an employee bring in a USB thumb drive and plug it into a company computer?
  • What websites are off limits during working hours? Do you have ways to enforce this policy?
  • What is the protocol for responding to a request from the CEO for funds transfer?

Osage Cybersecurity meets with corporate executives, human resource departments, and technology teams to assist in the creation of policies and procedures regarding your company’s security.

Osage helps by answering these important questions:

  1. Which cybersecurity programs will be implemented?
  2. You should have a layered security environment where endpoints will be protected with antivirus, firewall, anti-malware, and other software solutions.
  3. How will mobile devices be protected from intrusion?
  4. Your company needs to monitor employee devices that are used in the workplace. You need the ability to delete information from any mobile device that has been lost or stolen.
  5. How will updates and patches be applied to limit your company’s exposure and plug up any vulnerabilities?
  6. Patches and updates should be applied as soon as they’re released.
  7. How will your data be backed up?
  8. You need both onsite and offsite backups and they must be regularly tested to ensure they work. Backups can become compromised and not work at all during your time of need.

Why Are Cybersecurity Policies So Important Today?

Having a good Cybersecurity policy in place can ensure that your employees know and understand the rules. In addition, your policy must clearly define the roles and responsibilities of your employees.

Your policies should clearly outline all vital roles and responsibilities. It should answer the following questions:

  • Who issued the policy and who is responsible for keeping it up-to-date?
  • Who is responsible for enforcing all the security policies?
  • Who will train staff members on security awareness?
  • Who should handle data breaches and how should they respond?
  • Who is responsible for resolving security incidents on your premises or online?
  • Which users have should have administration rights?

Understanding How Data Breaches Occur

During your initial consultation with Osage, we will also discuss many of the most important topics surrounding the security of your company’s data. These include:

  • How to detect social engineering tactics and other scams.
  • What is acceptable Internet usage?
  • How remote workers should access the network.
  • How social media use will be regulated.
  • What password management systems should be used.
  • How to report security incidents.

Are your policies and procedures up-to-date?

If you aren’t sure about this, then it’s time to call in security professionals who understand what’s at stake. Osage Cybersecurity can help.

Contact us now to book your initial cybersecurity consultation. Once you speak with an Osage security professional, you’ll begin to realize how important cybersecurity is for companies in every industry and of every size.

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