Security Information and Event Management

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) identifies, monitors, records, and analyzes security incidents in real time. It’s a set of technologies that are brought together to provide a comprehensive view of an IT infrastructure and centralize network activity into a format that is more easily digestible. SIEM security monitoring provides the ability to develop reports to facilitate compliance and audits, send alerts based on predefined settings, and look at various levels of data. It can be used along with other solutions to provide a comprehensive IT security strategy.

Along with the latest generation of security monitoring solutions, SIEM answers the need for advanced monitoring, event correlation and alerting to avoid data loss catastrophes.

SIEM is used to:

  • Store data for long periods of time; decisions can be made from complete data sets.
  • Visualize and analyze data to detect patterns that are different from normal activity.
  • Organize and sort data into meaningful packets of information that share common traits so that data can be turned into useful information.
  • Analyze disparate data from security products, endpoints, servers, and network devices and traffic, for robust security monitoring.
  • Activate protocols to alert users about security problems.
  • Collect data necessary for compliance with organization, industry or government policies like HIPAA, PCI, ISO and more.
  • Detect real-time threats, network changes, and user access violations.
  • Discover data breaches in the act and prevent them from succeeding.
  • Determine the root cause of security incidents.

For example, if your business is targeted with custom malware, you can detect additional activity with SIEM to prevent it from succeeding and reoccurring. While efficient as it is, SIEM is only as good as its underlying data.  Therefore, SIEM requires the event data, or the incident will remain undetected.

This is why implementing a SIEM takes training and expertise. It’s important to understand the reporting requirements, objectives, and the essentials on how to deploy SIEM and its collectors.

The team at Osage Cybersecurity has the expertise to properly plan, deploy and manage your SIEM solution. When doing so, we consider your unique business requirements and needs.

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