SaaS Application Assessments

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is a delivery model where applications are hosted in an outsourced data center and accessed via the Internet for a monthly subscription. It has rapidly become the standard software platform for organizations that want to reduce their IT costs, and take advantage of its flexibility, fast deployment, and scalability.

The evolution of SaaS has simply outpaced efforts to build comprehensive security solutions. To address this, requires periodic SaaS Application Assessments. Osage Cybersecurity’s SaaS Application Assessments validate the security and integrity of your SaaS applications and their deployment.

As a leader in the field of cybersecurity, Osage Cybersecurity’s SaaS Application Assessments abide by the criteria of The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) which captures the critical areas for SaaS applications security. Our Assessments are specifically tailored for the SaaS applications you use. They detect security vulnerabilities and fix them before they’re exploited by malicious hackers.

An Osage Cybersecurity SaaS Application Assessment provides visibility of your SaaS application activities and prevents them from becoming an opening for advanced threats into your organization’s computing environment. It protects against both malicious insiders and outsiders, accidental data breaches, and provides a detailed analysis of usage (by both users and devices) to determine if there are any risks to your data or compliance-related policies.

The SaaS model offers your business significant benefits. You don’t have to pay the large upfront license fees associated with on-premise solutions and it allows you to scale up or down according to your needs. However, to gain full advantage from these benefits, you must first overcome concerns about application and data security. To do so, you should address these issues head-on. An SaaS Application Assessment from Osage Cybersecurity does this.

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