Osage Cybersecurity Helps Enterprises Overcome Physical Security Challenges in Today’s Complex Environment.

Physical security is now more difficult for organizations to maintain than it was in the past. Mainframe computers have been replaced by mobile ones. The portability of laptops, tablets, and USB hard drives increases the incidence of lost or stolen devices and unauthorized access to information. Fraud, vandalism, sabotage, accidents, and theft have resulted in increased costs for businesses as their environments are now more dynamic than ever before.

Theft of mobile devices isn’t the only way attackers gain access to data. They can download confidential data by connecting a hard drive or flash drive to an unsecured computer. Leaving a USB flash drive out in the open is a type of “physical phishing attack” where an unsuspecting employee finds it and, out of curiosity, inserts it into a computer device. When this happens, a malicious payload is downloaded on the device that can potentially “worm” it’s way through your network.

Then you must worry about Piggybacking and Tailgating where an intruder gains access to your facility via a person who has access but doesn’t recognize the intruder as a threat. Tailgating occurs when the intruder sneaks into a secure zone with an employee or group of employees without their knowledge. And there’s always the worry of Dumpster Diving where the attacker goes through your trash to search for anything that will help him refine strategies for a potential digital attack.

The Answer–Osage Physical Security

We’ll Protect Your Digital Assets

Osage Cybersecurity, can maintain the security of your applications and data even if a computer is lost, stolen, destroyed or compromised. Our software-defined perimeter combines secure access to applications and data using a contextual-control model that detects behavior across your devices, networks, and clouds.

Extending control beyond the traditional datacenter, and detecting user interactions with apps and data, the security experts at Osage Cybersecurity, proactively secure and mitigate risk with intelligence we apply to each scenario. By leveraging these contextual protections, we can safeguard your information, manage risk, and help you achieve compliance from any location, over any network, or on any computer device.

We’ll Protect Your Physical Space

Unless you have adequate physical controls in place, your digital defenses won’t be enough to safeguard your business. We’ll meet with you to discuss the most workable solutions for your unique situation. And, remember, your employees are your number one weakness. With ongoing Security Awareness Training, we’ll ensure your staff is kept up to date on strategies they can use to defeat intruders before they get “one foot in the door.”

Want to learn more about your Physical Security options? Reserve a consultation with our security analysts at (225) 960-4941 or info@osagecybersecurity.com.