We Address the Entire Threat Spectrum.

Osage’s Network Security Assessments identify hardware and software vulnerabilities and evaluate risk while prioritizing response and proactive countermeasures. Assessments are invaluable for alerting you regarding threat vectors, liabilities, and potential losses due to cyber attacks. We’re uncompromising when mitigating these risks and thoroughly securing your organization’s assets.

Our Security Assessment addresses every possible threat vector and exposes all vulnerabilities. A Security Assessment from Osage Cybersecurity, evaluates all aspects of your organization’s technological presence, including:

  • Network security,
  • Web applications,
  • Data storage and transfer,
  • Wireless devices,
  • Mobile devices &applications, and
  • Databases.

The sheer depth and detail of our Security Assessment leaves nothing to chance. This analysis positions Osage to harden your data and IT assets against all current and future cyber threats.


  1. Mapping out a balance between security, productivity, and compliance.
  2. Identifying and addressing assets that demand greater protection.
  3. Making improvements to security, both externally and internally.
  4. Learning the impact of web and mobile applications on your company’s security strategy.
  5. Identifying opportunities to integrate new technology to better leverage your existing infrastructure.
  1. Adapting your infrastructure to fully align with security requirements.
  2. Identifying opportunities to reduce technology costs.
  3. Enhancing cloud security or mapping migration to hybrid infrastructures as needed.
  4. Better understanding your network and security to optimize budgeting and profit projection.
  5. Addressing weaknesses in staff education or threat awareness.

Osage’s Security Assessment involves a complete audit of traffic flow, foundational security design, staff education, and in-place network security solutions. In addition, we brief key stakeholders on your organization’s network environment and critical security factors to ensure that top-level leadership is fully integrated into the cybersecurity process.

Network Security

Osage analysts identify network vulnerabilities and perform internal and external network vulnerability assessments to create a complete profile of weak points and threat vectors.

Data Security

A data breach runs the risk of crippling an entire organization. Not only can data loss or leakage cause significant fiscal damage, but it can ruin a company’s reputation. Osage analysts provide complete data security assessments as a first step to preventing these issues.


Application Security

Enterprises deploy automation, resource management, and tracking software on a large scale. This pervasiveness of software into critical systems creates many opportunities, both for businesses and for cybercriminals. Osage analysts are capable of identifying security flaws in your business’ applications before they can be exploited.


Regulatory Compliance

Nearly every industry is required to maintain some level of regulatory compliance, whether it be HIPAA, PCI, NIST, or any of a dozen others they must adhere to. Osage analysts can evaluate your organization’s compliance and check your performance against current standards.

Following our Security Assessment, our analysts will provide a complete list of recommendations to enhance your organization’s readiness and cyber-defense. To learn more about Osage Security Assessments, or to schedule one for your business, contact our analysts at (225) 960-4941 or info@osagecybersecurity.com.