Penetration testing is important if your business uses technology and the Internet.

A Penetration Test is an ethical hacking technique used to evaluate information security measures. It is designed to exploit weaknesses in your IT system architecture or computing environment by revealing the efficacy of your cybersecurity solutions, and protection of your system from hackers and viruses.

Penetration testing simulates malicious attacks from your organization’s internal and external users. It involves a series of steps, tests, and analyses to identify exactly where vulnerabilities exist:

  • External Penetration Testing identifies and exploits vulnerabilities in your systems, services and applications to identify the risks to assets that are exposed to the Internet.
  • Internal Penetration Testing simulates an insider attack. We’ll attempt to gain access to your system by escalating privileges, installing malware, and removing critical data to determine what risks you face from a cyber breach.

Penetration Testing by Osage Cybersecurity, complies with the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual, the standard for Internet Security Testing.

The information we receive from Penetration Testing tells us:

  • How easy it is for a hacker to penetrate your network.
  • Where vulnerabilities exist and the process failures that produced the vulnerability.
  • What data is at risk.
  • What precautions to use to protect your IT assets.

Findings and Solutions

Once testing is completed, you’ll receive a full report to brief you on what we found. With your authorization, we’ll then develop and implement a total security plan to remediate your network’s inadequacies to prevent intruders from jeopardizing the security of your IT system.

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