Mobile Device Security Assessments

When your mobile devices aren’t secure your business is at risk for unauthorized access and disclosure of your confidential. A Mobile Device Security Assessment from Osage Cybersecurity, will determine the security posture of your mobile technologies, then develop a robust program and policy that includes continuous monitoring and evaluation.

While Apple and Android have succeeded in creating more secure and durable operating systems, cybercriminals are developing new and more deceptive forms of malware every day.  This, along with underdeveloped security in mobile applications, and the use of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in the workplace make your enterprise susceptible to mobile attacks.

We assess the configuration of devices, how they interact with your network, and address the security vulnerabilities that could put your business at risk. We evaluate the potential of data exposures from external attackers, malicious internal users, and unaware employees. Our Mobile Device Security software centralizes device management at the organizational level to secure devices (enterprise-issued and personal) used for business purposes. We will manage the configuration of your mobile devices and ensure confidential access to your organization’s IT network.

The Experts from Osage Cybersecurity cover three prime areas dealing in mobile preventative cybersecurity and risk assessment:

  1. Data Security
  2. Application Security
  3. Device Protection


At the completion of our Assessment, we’ll provide a report which will include strategic recommendations for the secure use of your mobile technologies, a mobile device security policy for your employees to follow, a Mobile Device Management solution, and a testing protocol for mobile devices before you put them to use.

Prevent the risk of data loss from your mobile devices by signing up for Osage Cybersecurity’s Mobile Device Security Assessment. To learn more, or to schedule a complimentary consultation for your business, contact our mobile security analysts at (225) 960-4941 or