Phishing Targeting Financial Employees Is Skyrocketing.  Can your organization defend against this onslaught?

It is no secret that phishing attempts and even social engineering attacks are on the rise against financial departments from the largest of corporations to the smallest of businesses all across America.


Financial Executives and/or employees hold the important key to the corporate financial records and they may even have the power to release funds.

A match made in heaven in the eyes of a would-be cybercriminal looking to exploit or even hold an organization’s data for ransom.

Corporate Financial Experts Must Be Trained In The Prevention Of Phishing & Social Engineering Attacks

Osage Cybersecurity takes the security of your organization seriously.  We have seen many examples of a corporate financial team member falling victim to a fake invoice from a so-called vendor that releases a ransomware attack against a business and then encrypts all or at least some of the important files on the network.

The result?  Thousands of dollars spent to pay the ransom to hopefully get the decryption key.  Now, the cybercriminals know that the ransom will be paid, they attack again.


Thousand of dollars spent trying to recover information from backup drives and devices resulting in hours or days of downtime and lost productivity.

Training Is the Secret Weapon In The Fight Against Cybercrime

Osage Cybersecurity believes that training is the key to success when combatting ransomware and other cyber threats including phishing and social engineering.

When your company engages Osage for our special cybersecurity training for financial teams, you’ll get:

  • A detailed threat assessment outlining any potential cybersecurity threats targeting your organization.
  • Special group training on what to watch for with regards to phishing, ransomware, or social engineering.
  • One-on-one consulting with key team members.
  • Checking IT resources to ensure all cyber defenses are up-to-date and proper security protocols are in place.
  • Regular testing of cyber defenses and team member readiness.
  • Regular updates on cyber threats currently in the wild.

Take Action Now With A Threat Assessment!

Osage Cybersecurity invites you to participate in a cybersecurity threat assessment with our cybersecurity specialists.

Act now, before a real cybersecurity threat impacts your organization and remember, it’s not a matter of IF cyber-criminals target you; it’s a matter of WHEN.

Call the Osage Cybersecurity team immediately at (225) 960-4941 or drop us an email at to schedule your special consultation with our trained security specialists.