Business leaders and corporate executives, regardless of the size of their company, are in the crosshairs of cybercriminals.


Many CEOs have shared their ugly stories of data breaches that eventually caused untold harm to their company. Today’s CEO’s face attacks from numerous sources, including:

  • Email spoofing
  • Phishing & spear-phishing attacks
  • Social media spoofing
  • Ransomware attacks

Cybercriminals and/or organized crime syndicates now earn millions of dollars each year by stealing corporate information. They have even been able to trick staff members into wiring thousands of dollars to an overseas bank account. All simply because “The request came from the CEO.”

It’s sad but true—employees, anxious to please their top-level executives, will often perform tasks like wire transfers without really checking to make sure that the request is authentic.

Now is the time to pump the brakes and educate corporate executives on the risks of phishing attacks and social engineering.

Osage Cybersecurity Trains Corporate Executives On Cybersecurity Threats

Top firms around the country have turned to Osage Cybersecurity to train corporate executives and leadership teams on the threats of doing business today.

Cybercriminals are targeting large and small corporations alike with the hopes of:

  • Disrupting business
  • Committing fraud
  • Manipulating stock prices
  • Damaging reputations

The above list could go on and on. But the bottom line is this: Now is the time to put a stop to it!

Cybersecurity Education Is Only The First Step

When a corporation engages Osage Cybersecurity to train their leadership teams and corporate executives, they are taking that first important step. But cybersecurity is a multi-layered approach. It requires due diligence and ongoing vigilance.

When your organization engages the Osage team, we’ll sit down with your entire leadership team and address your current threat risks.  If we determine that your organization has an immediate threat, we’ll take the required steps to address this threat. Once that has been accomplished, the real work begins.

We start by educating the corporate leadership teams. We show them exactly how hackers work. Once your executives understand how data breaches take place, they will be in a much better position to ensure that the entire company workforce is educated as well.

We go over what phishing and spear phishing is and how email spoofing works. We talk about how social media accounts can be high jacked. We expose the truth behind how ransomware attacks occur and how they can be prevented. We explore every potential gateway that cyber-criminals use to extort money from their victims.

We’ll educate your team, so they understand how to spot uncommon behavior when it comes to requests for information and other correspondence from the CEO, CFO, or other corporate executives.

We can assist your company in designing a more professional process for verifying the authenticity of any requests for wire transfers from executives.

Education Is The Best Defense To Protect Your Company From Phishing Attacks and Social Engineering

And, it’s the most affordable method. Education has become the best strategy to protect against a possible phishing or social engineering attack in the future. But don’t wait till it’s too late!

Osage Cybersecurity will consult with all levels of your organization and develop a training regimen that ensures all employees, including leadership, are properly trained. We test your employees once they’ve been trained to make sure they are following procedures. If an employee fails, we retrain them. Your employees are your best defense against cyber-attack, but they can also be your weakest link unless properly trained.

Osage’s team of cybersecurity professionals will conduct regular testing to ensure compliance with organizational standards. We’ll make sure your rules are being followed at all times.

Don’t wait until a cyber-attack occurs! One data breach can cost approximately $1.3 to $3 million. Plus, it damages your brand name and reputation.

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