Dark Web Data Breach Detection

The Dark Web is the anonymous, hidden area of the Internet where cybercriminals trade not just your data, but your customers’ data. The Dark Web ensures their secrecy by hiding the server or IP details from the public.

By using the Dark Web, criminals can exploit their anonymity to:

  • Plan and implement cyberattacks.
  • Execute data breaches and steal your data.
  • Perform corporate espionage.
  • Transfer sensitive information.
  • Share exploits.
  • Sell illegally acquired data on black markets.

The most dangerous cyber attacks propagate in the Dark Web. Trying to stop or gather intelligence on them is a difficult task. Traditional cyber security solutions only protect the data inside your firewall, not outside it.

However, there are forms of software that can access the Dark Web:

Osage Cybersecurity’s Dark Web and Cyber Intelligence Solution crawl the Dark Web to find stolen data that’s been put up for sale on the black market. It searches for signatures of your data without actually knowing what the data is—And it cuts detection times of data breaches to second or minutes.

Our Dark Web and Cyber Intelligence Solution Automatically:  

  • Monitors the Dark Web 24/7.
  • Mimics human behavior by using search robots to gain access to criminal networks and obtain valuable intelligence.
  • Targets websites that are known to be run by cybercriminals.
  • Provides alerts and intelligence about attacks to identify, analyze and take action to stop them.

Our powerful solution will prevent or limit the damage of cyber attacks. It provides near real-time monitoring of cyber attacks across multiple cybercrime zones and infiltrates criminal networks to provide actionable intelligence alerts.

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