Can Continuous Monitoring Of Our IT Network System Help?

In today’s environment of widespread cyber-attacks and more sophisticated and persistent threats, both external and internal, it’s essential for your business to leverage real-time, accurate knowledge of your enterprise IT security posture so you can effectively respond to potential risks. Given the complexity and fast-changing nature of these threats, to defend your network and data requires an automated approach. Continuous Monitoring from Osage Cybersecurity, is the answer. It determines whether the set of deployed security controls in your information system remain effective in light of new exploits and attacks and planned and unplanned changes that occur in your IT environment over time.

Continuous Monitoring assesses your network’s security-risk, provides visibility into IT assets, uses automated data feeds to quantify any risk, confirm the effectiveness of security controls, and implements necessary remedies. Our continuous monitoring program can effectively transform an otherwise static security control assessment and risk determination process into a dynamic process that provides close to real-time security status.

Does Continuous Monitoring Help?

Continuous Monitoring from Osage Cybersecurity is part of the overall risk management framework for a sound information security infrastructure. It leverages network and application security logs to detect cyber threats, risky behavior, track what users are doing on your network, detect when documents are downloaded, uploaded, and more.

Osage Continuous Monitoring:

  • Categorizes the information that’s processed, stored and transmitted on your IT system.
  • Selects and implement a set of controls for your information system based on your unique requirements.
  • Documents what actions are taken.
  • Assesses the controls and review implementation to ensure reliability.
  • Authorizes that IT operations are secure.
  • Continues to monitor the performance of security controls.
  • Deploys rapid-detection and fast incident response if a threat is detected.

Engage With Osage For Continuous Network & Security Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring creates a valuable context for security data and enables deeper insights into both internal and external threats. With it, your enterprise will have access to the capabilities and tools to identify cybersecurity risks on an ongoing basis, prioritize these risks based the potential impact, and have access to cybersecurity experts who can mitigate the most damaging problems first. When considering how you will allocate your IT resources, Continuous Monitoring is one of the most cost-effective forms of cybersecurity available today.  And Continuous Monitoring by Osage Cybersecurity, is one of the best you can choose.

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