Osage Cybersecurity- Compliance Management as a Service

You need an IT company that not only knows but also understands the rules and regulations. We know that applying these can not only be time-consuming but can also be expensive. Osage provides a streamlined compliance management service that cuts costs while providing complete structure. This will keep you from having to run behind, and monitor compliance yourself continually.

  • Compliance Rules and Regulations – Most of the policies and best practices need a form of internal self-assessment within your network, in order to achieve compliance. Additionally, these internal self-assessments are a means to show proof of compliance.
  • Managed Service – Osage has developed a fully managed service that provides a program that walks you through a simple step by step compliance and best practices. Through this, you will go through prompts of questions to analyze your current network. After the assessment, you will know which policies are missing, or which are in need of additional work. Osage’s system will then auto-create these policies for you, as you work through the easy-to-use wizard platform.
  • Compliance Report – After the assessment, you will receive a report on compliance that will show you the risks and gaps in your current policies and practices. This will work as your guidebook to help you decide on which compliance frameworks apply to your business. This is also the blueprint for the path to compliance.
  • Framework – After the managed services and compliance report are done you are ready to select a control framework. Osage helps you through the process, which would otherwise be expensive, and highly challenging to implement. Osage takes the confusion out of compliance and regulation giving you direct access to reports and proof of compliance every step of the way.

Through Osage’s Compliance management as a service, you can minimize your cybersecurity risks while avoiding expensive compliance fines. Additionally, you have the tools to meet compliance standards and show proof during the process. Other businesses can have whole dedicated teams that struggle to keep up with business compliance during a typical day to day business. Don’t let your business get stuck with a fine or a flawed team that can’t keep up. Let Osage provide your business with the custom, streamlined compliance management service that will cuts costs, and providing complete structure.