BYOD Security Assessments

Do your employees use their personal devices for work purposes? While Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) may help increase productivity, it is also increasing security threats in your enterprise. Each time one of your employees uses their mobile devices at work, this has the potential to provide a vector for cyberattacks and malware infections. Additionally, it can result in disclosure of your organization’s sensitive data if a device is lost or stolen. BYOD Security is incredibly important in our modern, high-tech world.

Your executives and employees must be aware of BYOD threats and the dangers they pose to your enterprise. Many companies are now realizing the consequences of BYOD and are relying on security experts like Osage Cybersecurity to conduct BYOD Security Assessments.

According to the NIST report “ Guidelines for Managing the Security of Mobile Devices in the Enterprise ,” enterprises must ensure that:

  • Transmitted and stored data cannot be read by unauthorized parties.
  • The integrity of data is ensured by detecting intentional or unintentional changes to both transmitted and stored data.
  • Security assessments are performed to confirm that the organization’s mobile device policies, processes, and procedures are being followed properly.

Osage Cybersecurity, can help you meet these guidelines by assessing your BYOD controls, strategies, and processes with:

  • The Registration and Provisioning of Mobile Devices
  • Periodic Risks Assessments
  • IT Architecture Reviews
  • Penetration Testing
  • Encryption and Authentication Enforcement
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Hardware and Software Version Controls
  • BYOD Policy Reviews
  • Periodic Security Awareness Training

The security experts at Osage Cybersecurity can help you find the balance between your needs for increased productivity with BYOD use and the requirement for your business to protect sensitive data.

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