On-Premise Application Assessments

The security of on-premise applications is a critical component of cybersecurity. Most software applications aren’t developed with security in mind and security experts in application development are difficult to find. This makes software an ideal vector for cyberattacks. Application assessments are a unique form of penetration testing. They are different from network-based assessments as the process is dependent upon the type of application being assessed.

The experts at Osage Cybersecurity, are uniquely qualified to conduct On-Premise Application Assessments.

During the process we will:

  • Inventory each of your applications and rate them by importance.
  • Analyze and categorize applications based on the security risk.
  • Inspect and check them for both accidental and mischievous input.
  • Detect locally stored information such as session information and configuration files.
  • Examine application-to-application interaction between system components.
  • Look for vulnerabilities that could be utilized by an attacker.
  • Secure your applications against the latest threats.

Your on-premise application assessments and security are custom built by our experts based on your existing risk posture.

We’ll provide a complete list of applications for ready reference and keep it up to date with the latest applications being recorded as they are identified.

Business criticality is an important factor we consider when choosing which applications to secure first. We’ll categorize your applications based on their security-risk posture. Once we have compiled this information, we’ll develop a project plan with associated timelines based on the applications that should be secured first.

We keep track of your application security through manual Pen-Testing and automated, continuous security scans with round-the-clock availability and 24/7 visibility of your risk posture and potential business impact.

To learn more about Osage Cybersecurity, and our On-Premise Application Assessments, contact our analysts at (225) 960-4941 or info@osagecybersecurity.com.